Our Story

Welcome to Barleyboy, we are a small family owned and operated WA business. My name is Megan and together with my husband Shane, we form Barleyboy, a 2 person team, committed to delivering you high quality products that you will love. We started our journey into this business back in 2017 when we purchased our first machine as a present for Shane for his 30th birthday. At the time, we owned a gym and we also both had jobs working full time in the printing industry. The machine was only ever intended to be used as a hobby, but we soon realised the amount of love and interest in the items we were producing could truly turn this hobby into a business. We spent the next 3.5 years slowly building this business, pouring our hearts and souls into it, working insane hours, to a point where we were confidant to end our time as gym owners and focus 100% on Barleyboy. We leased a warehouse, expanded our machinery and haven't looked back since. Currently in 2021 we are both working 100% in Barleyboy, raising our kids in a very happy and present home, still working as hard as ever, but both loving what we do. It has allowed us to have the lifestyle we fought for and we couldn't be more grateful for the love and support that has followed us over the last 4.5 years. It is thanks to you guys that we have made it here, ready to continue expanding our range and pouring our passion into each item we make. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for following along. We are just 2 people who truly believe we can make this life one that we love, raising our kids to know hard work, determination and passion for everyday life. Megan, Shane & our girls xx